Welcome to Turnkey Translator

Welcome to Turnkey Translator, and congratulations on starting a new, exciting and lucrative career as a translator, interpreter and international project manager!

As the world gets smaller, the translation industry grows larger by the day. It is estimated to be a $45 billion dollar market by 2020, and has shown a steady 8% growth rate every year.

The great thing about the translation industry is that it’s easy to get started and offers endless growth opportunities. New fields are emerging all the time (especially in the app and technology sector), and you can easily enter new fields such as legal translation, medical translation and interpretation without having to go back for another degree. You can even leverage your experience as a translator to apply to leading international companies, who are always looking for multilingual managers and project managers.

Most translators love their work because the content changes, you get to work with inspiring people, and you get to earn your money bridging cultures and helping people - and best of all, you often get to do it from the comfort of your home office.

Despite the fact that translation is such a promising and fulfilling career, there is a shortage of translators. Why? From what we’ve seen, many people either worry that they can’t make a good living doing something as simple as translating, and others don’t feel qualified to be a “professional” translator. In either case, you’re wrong! Translation can be an incredibly lucrative field, and even those who are not fluent in a language or don’t have a subject expertise can become translators, as long as they can manage their resources and apply for the right jobs.

The goal of this course is to empower you - yes, you! - to start a lucrative and fulfilling translation career in the shortest time possible.

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